September Playlist

Posted by Brendon Cottrell

Mike Watt and The Secondmen by Chuck Pegot

Mike Watt is one of the hardest working men in music.. He’s got a lot to say and not in a way that comes across as egotistical but as a man who absolutely loves what he does. He started out with his best bud D. Boon covering old Blue Oyster Cult tunes. In 1981 Hardcore band put out their first EP on SST records (BLACK FLAG). In 1984 they released Double Nickels on the Dime a 43 song LP crushing Husker Du’s Zen Arcade by about 20 songs. Mike Watt is ambitious. He still makes music and hosts a podcast about music. This month's playlist showcases a few of Mike Watts past and present bands and then sidetracks with some tracks that fit the theme and if you tried hard enough I’m sure you could Kevin Bacon your way back to Watt with most of them. Either way, enjoy.



#1 Hit Song - Minutemen

Walking on my Grave - Dead Moon Want Remover - Protomartyr

In Corolla - The Mountain Goats Sometimes - Firehose



I’m a Mindless Idiot - Meat Puppets Love Buzz - Nirvana

Something I Learned Today - Husker Du I’ve Had It - Black Flag

Johnny Weismuller - Mike Watt and the Secondmen